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I help careerists love what they do.


With two kids, a husband, a business, a dog, a cat, extended family in town and wonderful friends to keep up with, my life is quite full and very rich.


Twenty-ish years ago I graduated from college with a degree in English literature, so naturally I turned to a career in business!

I spent eight years in HR, working my way up to a director level. Here's what I liked: all the people stuff, even the really annoying people stuff.

You may think HR is for "people people" like me, but really it is an ideal fit for people who are not only good with people but who are passionate about business success.

I opted out of the paid workforce for a while when I became a parent. This was a fun, exhausting, fulfilling, boring time. Those of you who have been full-time parents at home know what I'm talking about.

When my younger daughter was 1, I explored my career hopes, dreams and options and decided to become certified as a life and career coach.

As it turned out, it was an excellent decision.


In the summer of 2003 I started my national life and career coaching business, Dream Big Coaching Services.

Now I'm a lucky person who gets to do what she loves and what she's really good at.

In my business I dedicate myself to supporting professionals who want to make important career decisions that will lead to more fulfillment and career happiness. Many times clients come to me with a burning question they are wanting to answer such as:

"Should I stay at this job or look for something else?"

"What's next for me?"

"How do I make the transition to a become a ____?"

"How can I have a great career and still have time for my family?"

I help them to define what they want and make a plan that they actually follow to achieve their dreams.

The work is exciting, gratifying, and always different. I have worked with many amazing people who are fulfilling lifelong dreams in very creative ways.

Because I can't just do the same thing for more than five years, in 2009 I created Mom In The Balance (, a division of my business in which I support moms in the sandwich generation (the group of 20 million people who take care of their kids and their aging parents).


I like to contribute my own ideas and share others' on the issues of career happiness, career transition, happiness, change, and motivation.

Career exploration and planning takes a lot of gumption, patience and grit. This blog can be a friendly and inspirational source along the way.

I've been writing this blog since 2005. It's been a wonderful experience getting to be a part of the blogosphere. I've met fascinating people and always know there is something really interesting to read on the blogs I follow. Knowing that there are many more incredible blogs that I've yet to discover is exciting as well.


I was born in Washington DC, and we moved to a couple of other cities before landing in Omaha, where I lived from 2nd grade through high school.

I graduated from Smith College (Northampton, MA) with a BA in English Literature.

My husband and I are raising two incredible girls in Seattle.


reading, parenting, cooking, working out, seeing friends, re-ordering my netflix queue